Sphere Multi Kit Camou

If you are looking for an edge in your margin or shallow fishing then the Sphere Multi Kit Camou are well worth having in your armoury. As the name suggests, the number one sections of these two-piece kits feature a specially designed camouflage finish. The disruptive surface design of these kits casts less of a silhouette when viewed from underneath, especially against cloud cover. 

Carp can easily spook when a kit is waved around over their heads, especially in shallow water, but these kits tilt the odds in your favour. 

Like all Sphere kits, the Multi Kit Camou models feature Browning’s innovative Duo Bush system, which eliminates the need to cut them back to fit thicker elastics. 

The kits are have a reinforced area for fitting a pulla kit as standard and are available in both a standard and light versions, and measure a full 2.5 metres in length.

If you are looking to add more kits to your Sphere or Silverlite pole then these Camou kits are well worth checking out. 

Length – 2.5 metres

Weight – standard 43 grams / light 35 grams. 

Tip Diameter – 3.9mm / 4.5mm Duo Bush System

sphere multi kit camou 1
sphere multi kit camou 3

"The Camou version of the Multi Kit is perfect when fishing shallow."

sphere multi kit camou 6

Sphere Multi Kit’s give you maximum flexibility, and thanks to the brilliant Duo Bush system they do not need to be cut back to fit heavier elastics.

sphere multi kit camou 7

Poles can easily scare carp when fishing shallow in open water. The camouflage finish on these kits is ideal in this type of fishing situation.

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