Float Rig for Chub

Float fishing for chub with big baits such as bread and meat, is a brilliant way to spend those cold winter mornings. Simple, robust gear is all you need in a float rig for chub, and in this article Colin Sheppard looks at the gear he uses when fishing fast flowing rivers for winter chub with bread.

float rig for chub 1
  1. Firstly make sure you use an abrasion resistant mainline, I use Black Magic Gold 0.17mm / 4.50lb.    
float rig for chub 2

2. Thread four rubbers onto the line, a big one first followed by three small ones.  

chub float rig 3

3. Choose the right float, one big enough to dominate the swim, a 4g Alloy Avon is often my first choice.  

chub float rig 4

4. Attach the float with the big rubber that goes over the tip and then pulled down to the floats shoulder.  

chub float rig 5

5. Pull the three small rubbers onto the alloy stem. Three rubbers stop the float moving on the strike or whilst playing a fish. 

chub float rig 6

6. The first rubber is positioned at the top of the stem.  

float rig for chub 7

7. The second float rubber goes in the middle of the wire stem. 

float rig chub 8

8. The third float rubber goes at the bottom of the wire stem. 

chub float rig 9

9. Thread an inline olivette onto the mainline. If I’m using a 4g float, I use a 4g olivette.

chub float 10

10. Using a figure of eight knot create a loop in the mainline.

chub float rig 11

11. Lock the olivette onto the mainline with a no6 shot either side.

chub float rig 12

12. Choose the right hook length and hook, Sphere size 12 hooks to nylon are great, especially when using bread.

chub float rig 14

13. Remove a hook length from the spool and reduce the length of this to around eighteen inches and create a loop using a figure of eight knot.

chub float rig 16

14. Place this loop through the mainline loop. Then pass the hook through the hook length loop. Pull straight and tighten down.

chub float rig 18

15. Add a no6 shot around twelve inches up the hook length.

chub float rig 19

16. Add two no8 shot, evenly spaced between the hook and larger shot.

chub float rig 20

17. The final rig, robust enough to land any chub in the fast flowing, shallow swims. 

chub float rig components


Black Magic Gold 0.17mm/4.50lb Mono

4g Alloy Stem Avon Float

Four Float Rubbers

4g Inline Olivette

Sphere Beast size 12 to 0.16mm Hook Length

No 6 and No8 Split Shot.

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