Xitan Z8-3 Advance Pole

The Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole was developed as a strong all-rounder, with the responsiveness to hit fast bites from river roach, yet with the strength to handle heavier elastics for big carp. Building on the previous generation Z8-2, upgraded carbon cloths were used in the construction of this new model to give better balance and lighter weight, whilst retaining the Xitan reputation for being a very strong pole that can take knocks. 

With a brilliant package supplied as standard and with compatibility with a wide range of top kits and accessories, the Z8-3 is ideal for the UK angler looking for a strong pole that can handle just about everything they are likely to encounter. 

Xitan z8-2 advance pole 2
Xitan z8-2 advance pole 3

Xitan Z8-3 Advance Features

  • Designed as an all-round pole covering everything from roach to carp fishing
  • Elastic rating 16+
  • Compatible with all Xitan and 2ex-S poles, and the top three sections of Sphere poles
  • Supplied with Browning’s Square Pole Protectors
  • Tactile Precision Points
  • Section Alignment marks
  • Reinforced joints
  • Reinforced pressure points on top kits

"Strong enough for carp, delicate enough for roach."

UK Pole 16m Package

  • 16m Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector for 13m
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector for 14.5 & 16m
  • Xitan Reversible Pole Protector for 9.5m & 11m
  • 4x Xitan SKLP 5.5mm / 4.5mm Duo Kits
  • 3x Xitan SLK 3.9mm / 4.5mm Duo Kits
  • Full Length Power C3 Section
  • SLK Cupping Kit
  • Xitan Multi Pocket Holdall
Xitan z8-2 advance pole tactile points
Xitan z8-2 advance pole carp
Xitan z8-2 advance pole roach
Xitan z8-2 advance pole bream

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