Sphere Match Hooks To Nylon


I find tying lots of hooklengths and real pain, so whenever I can I will use hooks to nylon in my fishing to do away with this chore. A pattern that I use a lot in the winter months, especially when fishing rivers such as the Wye and Severn is the Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon. 

The Sphere Match is a medium strength hook, making it ideal for maggot fishing. The wire gauge is fine enough for baits like maggots, but with enough strength to land bonus fish without me having to worry. 

The shape is ideal for maggot and caster fishing. On the river Wye I tend to use this pattern in a size 12 or 14, tied to 0.14mm line. 

All Sphere Hooks to Nylon are supplied tied to one metre of line, allowing you to cut them to length and making them suitable for both float, pole and feeder fishing. 

The unique retainer enables the hooks to nylon to be removed individually and protects the stored rigs away from UV light and dirt that can damage nylon.

A great product, and if you find tying hooklengths a chore, these are a great quality product that I am happy to use in my match fishing. 

Rory Jones


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