One of my favourite ways of spending and autumn day is in search of roach on the pole.

At this time of the year a dark groundbait with plenty of activity is the best choice for roach.

The Black Roach and Quick Skimmer groundbaits go well together and are ideal for autumn roach fishing.

Lifting and dropping the rig a little can often bring more bites from the roach and perch as it mimics the sinking loose feed through the cloud of groundbait.

The Xitan Z6-2 pole is a great all-rounder, and although I normally use it for carp fishing through the summer, it is equally good for more delicate roach fishing.

If you want lots of bites on the pole this autumn then roach are a great fish to target, and simple tactics are all you need.

Have a great autumn’s fishing.

Tight lines! 

Martin Siwon