There are times when you need to go the distance and fishing at the full length of my Sphere Zero-G F1+ just isn’t long enough. This is where the Sphere 1m Extender Section comes into play as it fit both the 14.5m and 16m sections of my Sphere Zero-G F1+ allowing me to extend the pole on those rare occasions to a range of different lengths right up to 17m and continue to catch.

 It’s one of those accessories that doesn’t always come into play but when it does its invaluable. 


Technical Specification:

Length: 1.00m

Weight: 225g


Alex Reynolds



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sphere 1m extender section

if you own a Sphere pole then the Extender Section is a really useful addition.

sphere 1m extender section 3

The Sphere 1m Extender Section fits both the 14.5m and 16m sections of my pole.

sphere 1m extender section 4

The built in EVA skid bung is a nice touch that protects the section.