When Browning first bought out their innovative original Window Feeders they were the answer to my question when wanting to top a swim up and keep a shoal of hungry bream grubbing around. The original Classic, UKWF and CWF feeders were all brilliant yet after extensive development these new Streamline Window Feeders are simply outstanding and have to be the most efficient feeder design available. 

Tube shaped and with a solid cap these cast and retrieve like nothing before. Greater distances can now be achieved but more importantly, when going the distance, accuracy can be assured even in a side wind. The larger window and new lead fixing without centre bar ensures this feeder lands correctly allowing the contents to empty quicker and cleaner every time, great when I need to top my swim up with particles such as casters, chopped worms and maggots in order to keep the shoal in my swim for longer. I like to give the contents within a slight smearing of groundbait across the window, just to ensure every little morsel hits the spot.


The Streamline Window Feeder is available in three sizes –

Small – 42mm x 20mm, 15g, 20g & 30g 

Medium – 47.5mm x 23mm, 20g, 35g & 50g 

Large – 55mm x 28mm, 20g, 35g, 50g & 70g

Filipe Passeira


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Window Feeders cast very well, and are ideal when you need to be really accurate.

You can load Window Feeders with a wide range of different baits. I find maggots and chopped worm particularly effective.

bream feeder fishing

When conditions are tough and you need to be really accurate reach for the Window Feeder.