Line choice is a very personal decision, but one thing we have notice time and time again is how many of our top anglers rely upon Cenex Hybrid Power line for their big fish work. Whether commercial carp, or big river bream and barbel are the target, any time the going gets tough this is the line of choice. 

Like all Cenex lines, Hybrid Power has an extremely accurate diameter, so you can absolutely rely on what is written on the spool. No more guessing or having to check diameters. 

Knot strength is also very good for such a supple line, and is combined with excellent abrasion resistance. Abrasion isn’t just caused by the line touching snags and rocks, but from contact with landing nets, feeders, in fact, anything that it touches. High abrasion resistance means less rig changes, less lost fish, and more time spent fishing. 

Pole anglers will appreciate the transparent colour of this line that makes it much less conspicuous when the line is vertical in the water column, bringing more bites. 

For 2022 the range of diameters available in the Hybrid Power range has been extended and now covers diameters from 0.10mm / 3lb right up to 0.22mm / 10.3lb in 0.02mm increments. 

Whether you are pole or feeder fishing, whenever you need a line with the extra strength to consistently land bigger fish then Cenex Hybrid Power is the first choice. 


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hook lengths in box

Cenex Hybrid Power is ideal for feeder and pole hooklengths, thanks to its abrasion resistance and clarity.

Cenex hybrid power mono

For demanding situations Cenex Hybrid Power is ultra reliable and the diameters are very accurate.

Jon Whincup big carp

Putting together big weights of strong fish puts a lot of strain on your tackle and will quickly find any weakness, especially in your line.

"The high abrasion resistance makes this line ideal for big fish."