The Browning SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla top kits are absolutely brilliant if you are looking to add more set-ups to your pole. These top-two’s are very cost effective and are compatible with the higher-end Browning pole range.

I have to admit that the commercial carp fisheries I fish really do put every piece of my equipment through its paces. Top-kits are probably exposed to more punishment than almost any other item of tackle. This isn’t just the stress of landing big weights of hard-fighting carp, but also continual wear and tear in use. This is where kits made from quality carbon come into their own. Stress points on the ends of the sections are reinforced, helping to reduce wear and chipping.

Fitted with the brilliant Duo Bush system, no cutting back is required with these kits. Use the smaller 4.5mm inner black bush when using fine diameter solid elastics or lighter Microbore. Remove the inner bush and use the larger 5.5mm outer bush when bigger diameter hollow elastics are required. 

The SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla Top Kits even come with a woven carbon reinforced area for adding a Pulla bush, extending the lifespan of the kit considerably.

These top kits really do give me a great deal of flexibility without breaking the bank. They make a great addition to my Sphere pole. 

Length: 2.60m

Closed length: 1.45m

Weight: 49g

Sections: Top two

Duo Bush diameter: 4.5mm/5.5mm

Alex Reynolds


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Browning SLK-P Top Kit

The SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla kits are great value and cover all of my commercial carp fishing.

sphere exo pole

Using top kits that don’t need cutting back means I can change rigs without worrying about fishing the right line.

sphere pulla bung

The reinforcing around the Pulla Bung area helps reduce wear and prolong the life of the kits.

pole fishing for carp

Top kits have a tough life, but the SLK-P top-two’s are well up to the wear and tear of carp bagging.