My Sphere Zero-G F1+ pole is my most valuable piece of kit and protecting it is paramount, as the punishment it’s put through during a match can take its toll. The Polesafe Double Pole Sock is an essential piece of kit that gives me peace of mind and improves efficiency too.

The butt ends of my pole are easily protected with the Xitan EVA Pole Caps that come in a range of different sizes. These are fantastic as they replace those irritating hard plastic caps that not only keep falling off, but only protect a small part of the pole. The Xitan EVA caps stay on and offer much more protection.


Protecting the thinner, more fragile ends whilst constantly unshipping can be dangerous, yet this pole sock is different from the more conventional mesh style sock as its made from joint friendly EVA which eliminates snagging, and any further damage to worn or chipped joints as they move inside the sock. As the name suggests, this sock is two sided and deep allowing multiple sections to be fully protected and the standard screw attachment makes fixing easy.

Filipe Passeira


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Polesafe double pole sock 2

The Polesafe Double Pole Sock is ideal for single or double shipping, as it has two padded sections.

Polesafe double pole sock 3

The soft padded material of the pole sock really helps protect expensive sections.

Polesafe double pole sock 4

The Polesafe Double Pole Sock makes holding pole sections when you ship back safe and secure.