Match fishing on commercials today, especially on carp oriented venues, is all about speed. Every few seconds that can be saved during a match simply means more fish in the net. Possibly the difference between winning and coming absolutely nowhere. One very smart and useful addition to my landing net handle is the Hyper Carp XTR Extension.


This simply pushes onto my main Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle. Not only making it that little bit longer but also making it easier to transfer big fish to my keepnets.

Just detach the extension and big fish can be easily lowered into the keep net with the minimum of fuss.

Filipe Passeira


About the Hyper Carp XTR Handle

The Hyper Carp Landing Net Handle is sure to impress many anglers. The landing net handle has been designed for large fish but impresses so much with its incredible lightness, it is also bound to be used when bagging with small fish. In addition to its low weight, the landing net handle sets itself apart with fantastic rigidity. The handle does not bend, even with big heavy carp landing nets, and glides rapidly through the water. The Hyper Carp Landing Net Handle also proved extremely robust during testing. The reinforcing spiral winding allows manoeuvres that would quickly break standard landing net handles. At a length of 4 m, the handle is equally at home on rivers and stillwaters and is suitable for a wide range of uses. 


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hyper carp landing net handle 2

The Hyper Carp Extension adds around 45cm to the length of my handle.

hyper carp landing net handle 3

The Hyper Carp Extension simply goes over the end of my Hyper Carp XTR handle.

hyper carp landing net handle 4

The Hyper Carp landing net handles are extremely strong and stiff, well up to handling big carp.

hyper carp landing net handle 5
hyper carp landing net handle 6