The first thing I noticed when picking up the Carp King Carp Wand for the first time was that it felt and looked like a rod that should have a much higher price tag, yet this rod as well as all the others in the CK range are classified as Browning’s budget rods, impressive or what? 

Just like all the rods in the CK range the Carp King Carp Wand is perfectly balanced, weighs just 157g and is fitted throughout with high quality fittings such as the low-friction rings, special contoured handle, reliable screw fit reel seat, snag-free hook keeper and it’s supplied with two tips, 1oz and 1.5oz.

Being a two piece rod I carry this rod made up to all my matches. Just add a pair of rod protectors or bands to hold the rod pieces together.

When the need arises to cast a small pellet feeder or Method feeder up to 25m it’s the perfect tool for bagging up on commercial carp. Its ultra slim blank and forgiving action almost eliminates hook pulls and its short length, just 8’ not only increases casting accuracy but lands those carp far quicker than longer rods.

If you’re looking for a short versatile rod that talks up very little room that can be grabbed when needed to target those hard fighting commercial carp then look no further.     

Alex Reynolds


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CK Carp Wand 1

The Carp King range covers a wide range of commercial fishing tactics, at a great price.

CK Carp Wand 3

A quality screw reel seat and split cork / EVA handle are standard on the Carp King rods.

CK Carp Wand 4

A low-profile hook keeper tube is a neat touch.

CK Carp Wand ring

Quality rings are fitted throughout.