The Pellet Waggler is a very fast and action-packed fishing method that requires a high level of concentration, but is also a lot of fun! In the summer, when the fish are actively swimming around in many layers of water, I like to use the Pellet Waggler and try to catch the carp in upper water layers. The intention of Pellet Waggler fishing is that you attract the carp by feeding pellets and we catch them close to the surface.

I modify the method a little and also like to feed only corn kernels and look for the depth where I get the most bites.

It is also important to feed a few kernels of corn continuously and to cast the float over and over again and to get into a rhythm.

The bites in when the hookbait is falling are tough to hit and really fun!

For this type of fishing I use a short, light but stable parabolic match rod that is built for Pellet Wagglers.

The Carp Waggler rod from the Carp King (CK) series is just right for this and is exactly the right choice in conjunction with a small and robust reel like the Black Magic MSF 330.

A 0.20mm mono line, a balanced Pellet Waggler and a 0.18mm hook length is all you need, and the fun begins!

best regards, 

Martin Siwon


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CK CARP Waggler 1
CK CARP Waggler 2
CK CARP Waggler 3