If you are looking to get into the Browning Sphere pole ‘ecosystem’, looking for a power pole to compliment your Sphere, or just want the best 10.5m pole around, then the Sphere Zero-G Power Partner is for you. 

Originally developed to compliment the Sphere Zero-G poles, the Power Partner features some extra section strength, for when you really need it, but without adding significant amounts of weight. 

The stiffness is also right up there with the other Sphere poles, and it is completely compatible with the other models. Use the Power Partner as a shorter companion pole to your Sphere, or in combination with your main pole. 

The Power Partner is supplied as a ‘bare’ pole, with a single two-piece multi-kit. The idea being that Sphere owners will already have a number of top kits. Being fully section compatible, you can build up just the array of sections and kits that you need. 

In use I find it hard to tell the difference between the Power Partner and my Sphere Zero-G PT+, it really is that well balanced and incredibly stiff. You are just as likely to find me setting this pole up for fishing a flat float on the river Trent, as you are for fishing shallow on a commercial. 

If you fish a wide range of different venues, or want a second pole, then I can’t rate the Power Partner highly enough. It is a brilliant concept that adds great flexibility to the Sphere pole line-up. 

Tom Noton


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Sphere Power Partner 1

The Power Partner shares all of the same features as the rest of the Sphere range.

Sphere Power Partner 3

The Sphere Power Partner is supplied as a bare pole, but is fully compatible with all of the Sphere top kits, enabling you to mix and match the gear you need.

Sphere Power Partner 4

You are just as likely to see me fishing with the Power Partner on the river Trent as on a commercial.