For silverfish feeder fishing, with the chance of a big bonus fish, the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks are my choice.

A lot of my feeder fishing on natural venues revolves around catching numbers of silverfish averaging a few ounces each, but of course the chance of a rogue lump or two as well. Hooks and hooklengths need to be relatively refined for this style of fishing, but not so light that the ever-present chance of hooking a decent bream, eel or tench is ignored or worse still wasted when light gear loses the battle. Whilst they cannot be relied upon, those bonus fish can mean the difference between winning and losing, so I need to capitalise on every opportunity.


Light hooks are great for presentation, and ensure my hookbait looks as natural as the particles it’s surrounded by, but of course everything on a feeder tends to require stepping up a bit.  My choice for this style of fishing is the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks, which despite being exceedingly light weight, packs an amazing amount of strength – don’t be fooled by the larger sizes, these area great for bit baits and aggressive retrieves when you need to ensure fish stay on all the way back. This must be down to the Japanese wire and tempering process used, but also the shape too. Whatever the ‘secret alchemy’ used, they have proven to be extremely reliable for this style of fishing.


Another point (sic) worth mentioning are the points! These really are razor sharp, but last really well too, meaning I bump less fish and need to change my hooklength less often.


Hook shapes are a very personal thing, but I do like the slightly ‘wedge-shaped’ bend on these hooks that see the point facing very slightly towards the shank. This shape, combined with the straight point, goes in and stays in, meaning less lost fish when I am fishing at range.


Bait wise, this is an allrounder, but really is a great maggot hook, especially when fishing with two or three grubs. It also lends itself really well to fishing worm heads and bunches of caster too. The Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks are a great feeder hook that I use a lot.


Available in sizes 8 to 18


Kye Jerrom


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Ultra Lite Feeder Hook 2

This is a light, but very strong hook, that is ideal for silvers, but with enough strength to land bonus fish.

On venues like the Ely Ouse, where there are a lot of silver fish on the far bank, this is the ideal hook. It will even land the odd bonus bream or tench.

Ultra Lite Feeder Hook 3

The slightly inturned shape helps keep small fish on the hook when winding them in on the feeder.

"My choice for lighter feeder fishing."