A crucial part of landing big carp quickly is having a landing net that is up to the job. Not only does it have to be strong enough to scoop big carp constantly. It also needs to be stiff enough to enable precise manoeuvres. Even when using heavy carp nets. Over the last year I have been very impressed with the Hyper Carp XTR Landing Net Handle. Which has been more than up to the job of landing carp well into double figures easily.

This is an extremely stiff handle, enabling me to scoop carp quickly, often before they realise what is happening. Yet, unlike many stiff handles, it doesn’t feel delicate or brittle in any way. It has taken some serious abuse in its stride. I particularly like the reinforced wrap which gives extra reassurance that this handle is well up to the job. 

If you fish a variety of different venues the 4m length and three piece design will come in very useful. Although it is not designed as a featherweight handle, it is perfect at full stretch, thanks to that rigidity. 

The bull-nosed male joints are another nice feature. Along with the reinforced machined fitting they give maximum strength in all of the high-stress areas. There are even alignment markers that ensure the pole has maximum strength and rigidity when assembled.

Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit. If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder then look no further than the Hyper Carp XTR landing net handle. 

Jim Hall


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Hyper Carp handle 2

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is very strong and stiff, ideal for quickly netting big carp.

Hyper Carp handle 3

The carbon wrap increases strength and rigidity.

Hyper Carp handle 4

The bull nosed joints make assembling the pole very easy.

"Landing net poles have a tough, unsung life, but are absolutely crucial pieces of kit."

Hyper Carp handle 5

The Hyper Carp XTR handle is ideal for use with modern carp-friendly nets, which require a strong, stiff handle.

The end of the pole has been strengthened around the metal screen-thread and is tapered to accept a short ‘tipper’ section, which is available separately.

Hyper carp handle 1

A brilliant piece of kit for the modern commercial fishery angler.