In this new video Jim Hall looks at how to elasticate your pole top kits.

Using the new Browning Xitan Extreme Margin Pole Jim looks at the simple elastication set-up he uses on his top kits.


Jim uses the fitted side puller bushes and duo PTFE bushes in each two-piece top kit. The same method can be used on both one and two-piece top kits.


By using the side-puller the tension on the elastic can be increased when playing big carp. This gives improved  control as the pressure on the fish can be altered to land powerful fish faster.

The Duo bush system means that Browning top kits require no cutting back. Use them with a wide range of pole elastic diameters.


Setting up for big carp Jim uses the Rocket Red Microbore elastic. The same method can be used for both hollow and solid elastics.

Jim also uses the simple Dacron Connectors. These create a strong and neat connection between elastic and line.

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