Deep stillwaters that contain lots of carp can be tricky to tackle especially in summer when they spend most of their time in the mid to upper layers. This can be somewhat frustrating as it can take time to get them feeding confidently up in the water within pellet waggler range or down on the deck in feeder range. 

However there is a solution, the Slow-Sinking Feeder as this will slowly search every inch of the swim often nicking a few early fish that will make the difference between winning a match or coming nowhere!

Colin Sheppard

  1. Remove eighteen inches of 0.20mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono from its spool to create the hooklink.  

2. Tie a small Bait Band to one end. 

3. Pass the tag end through the back of a barbless size 14 Sphere Beast Hook. 

4. Position the hook close to the band creating a short hair. 

5. Whip the hook length round the shank of the hook approximately eight times.  

6. Pass the tag end once again through the back of the hooks eye, moisten and tighten. 

7. The hook section should finish up looking like this.

8. Make a figure of eight knot to create a loop in the tag end. 

9. Thread two Float Stops onto the mainline, I use 6lb Black Magic Gold.  

10. Next onto the mainline is a small Quick Change Bead.  

11. Thread a further two Float Stops onto the mainline.  

12. With a figure of eight knot create a loop in the end of the mainline. 

13. Attach the hook length to the mainline by passing one loop through the other.

14. Then pass the hook through the hook length loop.

15. Connect the Slow Sinking Feeder to the Quick Change Swivel. 

16. the finished rig should look like this.

The components you will need.