Fishing accurately is so important and these new Distance Sticks have made it so much easier to instantly change set-ups and know that every cast is falling into the feeding zone. 

Fishing directly of the reels line clip is very common these days; however there are times when I’m bream fishing at distance or even fishing tight up against an island when a rouge carp comes along and I’m forced to release the clip. In the past making a number of casts back to the feature takes time, especially if there’s a side wind, yet having marker sticks set up firmly behind allows me to count how many wraps I was fishing at, clip up once more and continue fishing effectively and accurately. 

These new Distance Sticks are brilliant as they have solid hardened points that can be driven into the hardest of ground, with the help of the push in aid to create that extra leverage if needed. The groves near the top of the sticks hold each rap in place at a height allowing tangle free release and pin point accuracy when loading and releasing and the 4m dividing strap has a highly visible measuring scale allowing me to clip up to a certain length without having to move of the spot. 

If you’re going the distance and need to know that you are on the money every time then these are the sticks to get!

Justin Watkins  

Marker Sticks are a massive edge for fishing accurately.

The design has been very well thought out, with a side strap, solid points on the sticks and a ribbed section to hold the line.

The ‘T-bars’ make screwing the sticks into hard ground much easier.

"If you want to fish accurately then sticks are a must."