Fishing powerful rivers like the lower Trent can be challenging for the feeder angler, and the right kit is essential to be able to fish effectively. One rod that really fits the bill for this type of fishing is the Black Viper 4.2m, which is available in two version, a 120 gram casting weight, and a 160 gram. 

The interesting thing about these rods is that although they are powerful enough to cast across the Trent if pushed, they aren’t pokers. Bite registration is really good, even when fishing lighter feeders at less extreme distances. Often in the summer months a 1.5oz feeder is enough to hold when fishing the middle of the river on the non-tidal sections. Fit the 4oz quiver tip and you have a lovely balanced set-up that shows plucks and drop-back bites really well. 

When the river is carrying some extra water you can step up the feeder weight without overloading the rods, making them very versatile for this style of fishing. Up the line strength and they are more than up to the job of handling big chub and barbel too. 

I match the Black Viper III 4.2m with the Black Viper Compact 855 reel loaded with 0.10mm Cenex Feeder Braid to an 8lb shockleader. The braid makes a huge difference to both the amount of lead required to hold bottom and bite indication. Having a round profile it does not catch the flow and forms a nice steady bow that makes bite detection very easy. 

If you are looking for a rod that won’t be outgunned on larger rivers then take a look at the Black Viper III’s you won’t be disappointed. 

Tom Noton

The Black Viper III 4.2m are brilliant for big rivers like the lower Trent.

I match the Black Viper II rods up with the Black Viper Compact reels.

These are the ideal rods for fishing at distance on big rivers and still waters for hard-fighting fish.

"If you are looking for a feeder rod for the lower Trent then take a look at these."