If you are looking to fish big rivers, like the middle Trent, Thames, Severn or Wye, at this time of the year, especially when after bigger fish, then the Sphere Feeder MH 390 is the rod for you. Sensitive enough to fish for skimmers, but with the guts to fish a feeder at range, and enough low-down power to tame hard-fighting chub and barbel. 

A brilliant rod that will cover a wide range of feeder and bomb fishing for bigger fish. Match it with the brilliant Sphere MgTi 50 size reel for the perfect combination. 



The Sphere Feeder rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest quality carbon blank and fittings available. Every aspect of the rods has been carefully engineered to produce a product that is as perfect as possible. The rods are ultra light, ultra slim and are fitted with a unique ergonomic weight reducing handle which transmits more “feel” to the angler. They feature special ultra low friction “Minima” SIC guides – the best and lightest available.

The carbon quality of the blank adds meters to a cast and improves casting accuracy by minimising sideways flex when the rod under load. However, the blanks are responsive enough to safely play soft mouthed fish like skimmers without fear of hook-pulls. Supplied with 4 tips to give both sensitivity for bite indication and durability when casting. 


Sphere MH 390 Tech Spec:

Length – 3,90m / 13ft

Sections – 3

Weight – 210 grams

Maximum Casting Weight – 100 grams

Rings – Pac Bay Minima

Reel Seat – Fuji

Tips – 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 3oz

The Sphere MH 390 is perfect for summer rivers with both feeder and bomb.

A hard fighting Wye barbel tamed on the Sphere MH 390.

Match this rod up with the Sphere MgTi reel in either 40 or 50 size.

"All of the materials used are the best of the best"

The minimalist SiC rings reduce weight, whilst being incredibly durable.

The top of the range Japanese carbons used to make thee rods reduce weight and increase torsional stiffness, increasing casting accuracy and strength.

The sculptured ergonomic handle has been designed for maximum feel and comfort.