This hook is one of the lightest and sharpest currently available on the market. But it is still strong enough to land larger fish on the feeder. Hook weight can make a big difference to whether or not a fish picks up the hookbait, especially with smaller baits. If you want to catch fish on the drop then this is the hook for you. 

The straight point is perfect for hooking fish, whilst the slight angled design helps reduce small fish from twisting off the hook on the retrieve. 

Don’t let the name make you think that this hook is only suitable for feeder fishing, we know a number of anglers who also use this as a silverfish hook on the pole, thanks to its incredibly durable point and low weight. 

Available in sizes 8 to 18 in packs of 15 loose hooks, or ready-tied to premium nylon in packs of eight. 

The perfect hook for catching silvers on the feeder.

A brilliant shape that improves hooking of silvers and stops them twisting off the hook on the retrieve.

The hooks to nylon are first class and supplied on these soft plastic spools that keep the hook lengths neat and protected from UV light.

"Ideal for dace and roach on the feeder."