Monofilament lines have progressed massively in recent years and it can feel a bit of a minefield when choosing the right one, but relax as there’s one that won’t let you down, and this is Cenex Classic Mono, a line I now use extensively for all my pole rigs. 

One of the most important properties anglers look for in a line is its strength in relation to its diameter and I can honestly say that this is one of the strongest fine diameter lines available on the market today. It’s also ultra supple which provides perfect bait presentation which will simply result in loads more fishing gracing your net. Another important area is knot-strength, something that lets many fine diameter lines down, yet Classic Mono beds down really well giving me the peace of mind that every possible weakness in my rigs has been removed, allowing me to get on a do what I love, catch fish. 

The range available is quite extensive, especially in the lower diameter/breaking strains, and allows me to fine tune rigs so they perfectly compliment every angling situation I’m faced with.

Definitely the choice of serious competition anglers.

0.06mm – 0.45kg/1.00lb

0.07mm – 0.55kg/1.20lb

0.08mm – 0.75kg/1.60lb

0.10mm – 1.00kg/2.20lb

0.12mm – 1.55kg/3.40lb

0.14mm – 2.05kg/4.50lb

0.16mm – 2.60kg/5.70lb

Garry Cooper

Cenex lines have a reputation for being very accurate, with great strength to diameter. The Classic mono is ideal for both rigs and hook lengths.

When fishing matches I need a line that I can rely on one hundred percent.

When every fish counts make sure you are using a line that you can really rely on.

"this is one of the strongest fine diameter lines available"