Although poles such as the Sphere range have become incredibly light these days, fishing at lengths upwards of 16m over the length of a match can take its toll, especially as we get older so the need of a reliable pole bar is essential to keep the aches and pains away. 

The Xitan X Pole Bar being fully adjustable does everything needed of it and fits all 25mm leg systems. It’s easy to fit, locking in place with tightening screws and the dense foam groves locate the pole whilst protecting it as well. 

If you are beginning to struggle holding that pole all day then ease the pain and get yourself one of these, you will wonder how you ever managed without!

Justin Watkins  

Front bars are great if you are expecting to wait a while for bites, enabling you to fish easily at a full 16m.

The Xitan X Pole Bar is fully adjustable so you can position it just where you need.

The scalloped bar holds the butt sections securely.

"you will wonder how you ever managed without it!"