Carrying the several landing nets and keepnets that are often needed to cover all your venues can be a pain, but these X-large Xitan Waterproof Net Bags are just the ticket, with room inside for four keepnets and a bunch of landing nets in the two compartments. 

Often, it is not possible to dry nets out completely at the end of a session, so the waterproof material, welded design and waterproof zips will not only keep the damp inside, but the smell too. Once you get home hang the nets out to dry fully before your next session and be sure to dip them if possible. 

All of the stress points on the net bags have been welded and reinforced to handle the weight of several wet nets. The zips are extra chunky, along with being waterproof.

All in all, this is a brilliant bag for carrying all of your nets at a great price. 


Browning’s Xitan luggage range combines very practical designs plus unique and useful features.

The Xitan Waterproof Keepnet Bag features :- 

Made in strong but soft waterproof material with welded seams 

Wide opening zip top and welded carry handles 

Single size will accommodate 2 standard sized keepnets plus net head

XL size will accommodate 4 standard sized keepnets plus net head 

Material: 300D Polyester 

Single – 60cm length x 15cm wide x 60cm high

X-Large – 60cm length x 33cm wide x 60cm high

The internal divider enables you to keep your nets organised.

The material is waterproof and very hardwearing and all fittings are welded in place.

The chunky zips are designed to last and resist damp and grit.

Xitan luggage is well known for its quality and performance.