Over the last four years I have fished quite a lot for sturgeon. Recently, I visited the Blue Rock Fiskepark day ticket lake with my team mate Bjarne Johansen, who had never caught a sturgeon before in Denmark. We were lucky to have nice summer weather. 

Because the sturgeon in this lake grow to around 90kg in weight we use substantial gear for them including,

Black Cat, Shadow Spin 880 rods, Black Cat, Passion Pro DX Spin 270 Headline reels, loaded with 0.45mm Black Cat line, with 2.5m Black Cat 70 kg Rubber Coated Leader, to protect the fish. A 60g lead packed with pellets attracts the sturgeon, and our hookbait was a 20mm Smashed Fish pop-up. 

We fished at a distance of around 35m, in about 10m of water.

Although sturgeon are big fish, they are very careful when taking the bait. We therefore fish with running rigs and are very aware of the smallest movements around the line and bite detectors. It is important to strike at the right time – and it can be difficult to hook the fish.

The fishing on this trip, a nice summer evening, gave us eight sturgeon of between 18kg and 51 kg. Brilliant fishing for these impressive and very powerful fish. 

Peter Hansen

Bjarne Johansen with a terrific sturgeon.

Peter Hansen with a lovely big sturgeon.

The lovely Blue Rock lake – home to big sturgeon.

The tackle and bait we use for big sturgeon.