When you have made an investment and bought the pole of your dreams keeping it in tip-top condition is an absolute must. Wiping each section down before leaving the venue, then giving them a right good wash as soon as possible when I get home is something that I always do. Protecting sections during a session, in transportation and once again at home after each day out is paramount and one of the simplest but most effective ways is to cover them with Xitan EVA Pole Caps. These caps are a god send and replace those irritating plastic, often difficult to remove caps, those that only protect maybe an inch or so of the section end. These EVA Caps are easy to add/remove, far less likely to fall off in transit but more importantly protect 10cm of the pole end, eliminating any dust/dirt/grit sticking to the joints and potentially damaging them, or worse still, having a joint chipped or cracked. They are also great when you are on a tight swim which has potential damaging vegetation or structure behind as they simply offer so much more protection than other more commonly used pole caps. 

Made from soft but durable EVA these caps are available in a range of diameters between 43mm to 51mm that will to cover the 11m to 16m butt sections of most poles. 


Garry Cooper

The EVA caps are available in diameters between 43mm and 51mm.

The soft EVA really protects pole sections and because they are a snug fit there is no chance of losing the caps.

It might only be a small thing, but knowing my sections are safe means I can concentrate on putting more fish in the net.

"These EVA caps offer brilliant protection."