Creating the perfect paste is something that’s perfected over time and from making lots of very simple mistakes, yet get the consistency right and its one of the most productive methods I know, especially if your targeting carp on commercials. 

This is how I create my paste, and although here I’m showing you how to do it on the bank, as a match angler I prefer to produce mine the day before at home. 


Mick Fordham

  1. Start off with a bag of Champion’s Method Mussel Green and one of Champion’s Method Formula Fish.

2. Using a measuring cup mix together three parts Mussel Green groundbait to one part Formula Fish.

3. Pass the mixed dry contents through a fine flour sieve and discard any lumps.

4. Using the same measure cup as used for the groundbait place four parts of either lake or bottled water into a bait box.

5. Add the groundbait mix to the water.

6. Using your fingers give the contents a good mix.

7. Although the mix may seem extremely runny it will thicken up and needs to be left for 15 minutes!

8. After 15 minutes check the paste which will probably be too stiff and will need around half a measuring cup more of water to create the perfect sticky consistency to cling to the hook.

9. For even better results mix the night before, place in a freezer bag and place in the fridge overnight as this will allow all the moisture to be absorbed and create an even smoother paste.