We all have products that we rave about and one of mine is the No-Snag Latex Landing Net as it fits every eventuality, from being durable and strong as well coming in a range of sizes to cover wherever, and for whatever I’m targeting.

It’s the Latex material that really impresses as I can just push the net down the edge, irrespective of bankside vegetation without the fear of any ripping. 

The smallest is simply brilliant for silvers, with the medium ideal for F1’s and the largest simply unbeatable on venues where bigger carp are expected. They are really light so manoeuvrability isn’t an issue, the frame is sturdy, the spreader block really strong and the latex mesh not only fish friendly but quick drying and hook resistant.

What more could you ask for?

Sizes available 

Medium – length 50cm x width 38cm x depth 28cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Large – length 60cm x width 48cm x depth 30cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Extra large – length 60cm x width 48cm x depth 35cm – mesh 5 x 5mm

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

The mesh is retained inside the strong aluminium frame, helping to avoid snagging and prolonging the life of the net.

Moulded nylon spreader blocks with securely fitted frame.

The mesh is reinforced at the pressure point around the spreader block.

The three sizes mean there is a net for all styles of fishing.

The latex mesh is not only very strong, but stops hooks from snagging too, saving you precious time.

These are my number one choice of net when fishing for carp, silvers and F1’s, they are simply brilliant.