When developing the amazing Cenex Power Hybrid Mono the goal was to produce the perfect line for hook lengths and pole rigs for the modern angler. The line had to be clear with a dull finish, and to meet the rigours of modern fishing for big weights of carp, F1’s and feeder fishing it need advanced abrasion resistance, exceptional knot strength and along with being easy to knot and retaining a high knot strength, especially when hair-rigging. 

With anglers of the calibre of Bob Nudd, Jon Whincup and Jim Mathews using Cenex Hybrid Power Mono for their commercial fishery work you know you are on to a winner. 

Available on 100m spools in the following diameters / breaking strains : 

0.12mm – 3.7lb

0.14 mm – 5.6lb

0.16mm – 6.6lb

0.18mm – 8.5lb

0.20mm – 9.2lb

"Great abrasion resistance, high knot strength, ideal for big fish."