There are many advantages of using Fluorocarbon over standard monofilament, the most obvious and important for me is its near invisibility in water, yet finding one that knots up really well along with being extremely supple is often hard to find! Well look no further as Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line provides all the right properties.  

Just knowing that it’s almost invisible in the water gives me a massive confidence boost and those little edges difficult to find these days, ones that definitely place extra fish in the keepnet come the end of a match are priceless. 

Extensive testing went into formulating this product, tests that eventually produced a fluorocarbon that not only delivered a high breaking strain to line diameter but one that’s supple and provides high knot strength. 

I use Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line almost extensively for all my hook lengths and leaders and can confidently say it’s the best on the market. 

Available on 50m spools in the following diameter and breaking strains.

0.11mm 1.25kg/2.70lb

0.13mm 1.60kb/3.50lb

0.15mm 2.10kg/4.60lb

0.17mm 2.95kg/6.50lb

Mick Fordham – Browning UK

Thanks to its suppleness, this fluorocarbon knots really well.

When taming big carp you need total confidence in your line.