One of the secrets of fishing the long pole, especially if you are fishing shallow, is to get your roller set-up ‘just right’ This always means setting up with two double-width rollers that are positioned to evenly support the weight of the sections so that the pole sits level with your thigh when shipping in and out. 

The Black Magic FB Competition S-Line rollers  have all of the attributes needed for fishing the long pole efficiently, even when fishing at a full sixteen metres.

Depending upon the ‘lay of the land’ the rollers can be anywhere from a couple of inches off the ground to full extension. On snake lakes in particular the spoil created when excavating the lake can often be piled up behind the pegs, meaning that the rear roller needs to positioned low to the ground on the banking itself. At other times the ground may slope downwards, requiring a roller with long adjustable legs to get the right height. The Black Magic rollers can handle all of these positions with ease.

Rollers need to be stable, as the wind can spring up at any time and the last thing you want is several sections of very expensive carbon skidding across the ground. The FB 55  is ideal in this respect as not only are the adjustable legs angled correctly to give excellent stability, but a central hook under the roller allows a bucket full of water, or a bungee to be easily attach to provide some extra ballast. 

Both the reverse-tapered side rollers and main rollers rotate very easily, which makes shipping easier and much smoother, perfect for when you are fishing long. Finally, the rollers fold up to a small size and come in their own storage bag, which makes carrying them easy. 

At the end of the day rollers are one of those bits of kit that shouldn’t have to think about when fishing in that respect the Black Magic FB Comp is the ideal choice.

Set your two rollers so that the pole is level with your thigh to make things so much easier when shipping.

These rollers offer excellent stability and maximum adjustability for uneven banks.

Choose between the double or triple rollers. We recommend using a triple roller at the back to give a bigger target area.

The rollers rotate with very little resistance, making shipping much easier.

The angled, folding legs make this roller very stable.

In really windy conditions you can add some extra weight, such as your carryall, to the centre hook to anchor the roller down.