The unique streamlined shape of the Window Feeder not only casts further than traditional feeders, it can be used in two different ways, allowing you to precisely control the release of bait. Use it with the window open and plugged with a small amount of groundbait will give a faster release of the feed. Rotate the internal window and the release of bait is slowed without using groundbait. 

These feeders are brilliant when fishing at long range, when accuracy is of utmost importance. On tough days the, when every bite counts, the window feeder with its precise, controllable release of bait, is the way to go. 

Available in three lengths – 4.4cm, 5.3cm, & 5.8cm and weights from 20 grams to 50 grams. 

The window can be rotated to control the release of feed.

Window feeders cast very accurately, making them ideal for natural venues where bream can often be found at range.

With the window open use a plug of groundbait to add extra attraction and to close the feeder.