Canals have their own charms. The depth, the changing currents and also the shipping. It is a special kind of fishing.

Canal fishing with the feeder rod can be interesting and exciting!

Particularly good is a static canal, where some nice bream can be caught. I use a mixture of Champion’s Feeder Big Bream and Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer Groundbaits. The Big Bream groundbait helps to bind the mix, and gives it a coarser structure, along with some sweetness. The Quick Skimmer helps to break up the mix, giving it a nice structure and a distinctive smell that the bream love, without attracting too many small fish.

A few dead maggots and worms are added to the groundbait to give the mix enough feed to hold the bream once they arrive.

It can pay to fish several lines on large canals as the bream may be patrolling a given distance from the bank. If I had to pick three lines they would be – at the bottom of the slope close to my own bank, in the deepest water in the centre of the canal, or at the bottom of the far margin. Often one line will prove much better than the others, but it pays to search for the fish and not be too dogmatic.

For short to medium range fishing I use the Browning Big Pit feeders, whilst when I need maximum distance the Xenos Wire Pro Cast feeders really come into their own. Hookbait is invariably a worm or two. With this combination if there are any bream in the area you should enjoy a nice days action. 

Tight lines! 

Martin Siwon

Martin’s Bream Feeder Fishing Tackle

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Xenos feeder

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Martin’s Bream Feeder Groundbait

Champion’s Feeder Big Bream

Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer