New Product – Big River Jet Feeder

Designed to go the distance, the Jet Feeder has been developed to cast further and more accurately than ever before, even when faced with strong side-winds. 

Made from stainless steel mesh, with the weight moulded into the cage means that you can also use softer groundbait mixes, and even neat sticky maggots, with no bait loss on the cast. 

The shape of the feeder also makes retrieval far easier over long distances and because the feeder rises in the water column on the retrieve there is less chance of snagging too. 

The 6 mm mesh size means that baits are held securely on the cast, but released quickly once the feeder settles.

Total feeder length is approximately 5 cm, depending on the model, and 3 cm diameter. 

Available in weights from 80g – 160g

"Probably the longest-casting feeder available."