First Published in German.

With the coming of spring nature begins to awakens once again. A few rays of sunshine quickly means that the our rivers reach the 10-degree mark and the fishing becomes more productive. Kilian Füsselberger (16 years), a passionate Danube angler and young talent from the Browning Austria team, knows that this is the signal for his serious fishing to begin.

For Kilian is a very passionate angler. The young talent has already achieved numerous top results. For example, at the age of 14, he won a sector in the MS-Range Duo, and in the Browning and Mosella Cup he reached the top 3 in his sector and came in 2nd. Set up the captain of his team at the World Cup in Portugal.

Together with his father Harald, he learns to catch Danube coarse fish from a young age. Countless barbel, bream, roach are caught by the two Danube experts. Kilian himself has specialised in coarse fishing with powerful feeder rods, a specialist style of fishing for mighty rivers like the Danube.

To keep the fish happy in spring, Kilian chooses a groundbait mix of Browning Champion’s Feeder Black Magic and Champion’s Feeder Mix Big Bream.

He also uses neat sticky maggots in the feeder, but prefers loose maggots in groundbait to start with. Tackle choice is Black Viper rods with either a Viper Compact reel 845 or a Viper 850 FD reel. The rods used are the ‘MK14’ with a casting weight of 120 grams or, as on this day, the Black Viper “MK15” with a casting weight of 250 grams. The chosen swimfeeder is a 140 gram block claw feeder, which he casts to a distance of 73 meters. He uses a 0.30mm Quantum Salsa as his main line, along with leaders made to complete the setup.

The day turns out to be a good one. In addition to four barbel, he also catches two bream and a few roach. Three more barbel are unfortunately lost during the fight on the stone riprap. For Kilian it is still a successful start to his Spring. He is looking forward to the coming fishing season and the many beautiful moments when the feeder tip bends seductively forwards or springs back signalling a bite.

With this in mind we hope you enjoy many sunny days and wonderful hours of coarse fishing this spring!