A specially designed feeder for fishing in moderately fast-flowing rivers, where extra weight is often required. The stainless steel cage is extremely durable and casts straight and true for improved accuracy.

This feeder is available in a range of different weights and has a diameter of 3cm and a length of 3.3cm. The mesh size of 6mm ensures that your bait reaches the river bed intact before it begins to be released. 

The rounded corners of the feeder give improved stability and help the feeder cut through the air improving casting distance.

Available in weights from 80 grams to 140 grams.

These feeders cast incredibly accurately, and are ideal for moderate flows are larger rivers.

The stainless steel cage is very strong.

"River anglers will love these."

The shape has been designed to give improved distance and accuracy.

The cage size is ideal for most river fishing scenarios.