If you are fishing for big, hard-fighting fish, such as carp, barbel and tench, then there is only one choice of hook – the Sphere Beast. This is a hook that really lives up to its name, it will tame the biggest fish with ease, yet has a remarkably sharp point that, thanks to the high-grade steel used keeps its point.

Available in both eyed and spade-end patterns (barbless in eyed only), Beast hooks are ideal for hair-rigging baits, such as pellets, corn and mini-boilies for carp. Alternatively, use them when fishing meat, corn or side-hooking soft pellets with the slightly lighter spade-end pattern.

You can even buy the spade-end barbed version of the Beast hook ready-tied to Cenex nylon.

The shape of the Beast hook has been optimised for strength and hooking potential, ensuring that you hit more bites, especially when fishing the Method feeder, where the fish will hook themselves consistently against the resistance of the feeder.

A fantastic range of hooks that are ideal for all hard-fighting fish, find them at your local Browning Stockist.

Sphere Beast Hooks are available in a wide range of sizes, in both barbed and barbless and eyed and spade-end patterns.

The eyed Beast hooks are brilliant for hair rigging, creating just the right angle between the line and the hook.

If you re fishing for big fish then there is only one choice. The super-sharp, incredibly strong, Beast hooks.

"A brilliant hook choice for big, hard-fighting fish."