Last year we put the brilliant Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole through its paces with Craig ‘Trig’ Edmunds at the brilliant Viaduct Fishery in Somerset.

To start, Trig fished for the abundant big skimmers that can quickly build a weight here, whilst he kept the feed going in regularly to encourage the big carp to come up shallow.

After a few hours he had more than thirty pounds of bream in the net, all caught at 16 metres on the deck. Despite the bites being finicky at times, the Z8-3 proved that its strength is not at the expense of stiffness, as Trig hit the bites time and time again.

With the odd big swirl indicating that the carp had turned up it was time to switch to the shallow rigs with pellet, fished long. Soon the float shot under and the powerful microbore elastic was pouring out as a big carp did its best to make its escape. Soon a double-figure bruiser was safely in the net, and over the next couple of hours some really big, wily old carp followed it. All this time the pole handled everything that was thrown at it. A truely masterful performance.


You can watch how Trig got on, and how the pole also performed in the hands of Nick Crooks on the river Trent in search of roach, in the video below.

First up, were Viaduct’s big skimmers, great weight builders that just love pellets.

The Square Pole Protectors make fishing long, even in a crosswind a much easier experience and enable you to fish a shorter line with ease.

"The Z8-3 is a true allrounder."

Big carp are no match for the Xitan Z8-3 Advance.

The Xitan Z8-3 Advance comes with a brilliant spares package.

Xitan Z8-3 Key features 

• The perfect choice for anglers needing a top performing pole with higher levels of strength and durability. 

• Suitable for all types of fishing ideal for both carp and “natural” river type fishing etc. 

• Light, stiff, well balanced and very responsive at all lengths to a genuine 16 metres. 

• Supplied with Browning’s unique and “elbow friendly” Square Pole Protectors (SQPPs) 

• Carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections to strengthen and minimise wear 

• Carbon reinforced “grip” areas on lower sections at the most common breakage area 

• Supplied with pre-bushed Single Length Kits fitted with a unique Duo-bush allowing a choice of tip size 

• Pulla kits fitted with an innovative directional PTFE bush – ultra-smooth operation without moving parts 

• The Xitan Z8-3 has conventional length butt sections of 1.85m 

• Supplied in the latest, full sized, top quality Xitan pole holdall 

• Elastic rating 16+. Fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan Power poles