Pellets really come into their own during spring when the water temperature starts to rise and the carp go on a feeding spree to build up reserves for the spawning ritual.

Shallow, high stocked commercials are the first to spring into action and there’s no better way to get your angling fix and practice for the coming match calendar than these.

Colin Sheppard is a regular to such fisheries and here he reveals the method that has seen him frame so many times.

  1. Pass the mainline, in this case 0.21mm (8lb) Black Magic Gold, through a 20g Hydrus Method Feeder.

2. Tie on using a Uni Knot a 12mm Feeder Connector Swivel to the end of the mainline.

3. Remove a length of 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono from its spool to create the hook length.

4. Attach using an overhand knot a small Push Stop to one end.

5. Passing the other end of the hooklink through the back of a size 14 Beast barbless eyed hook, pull down, adjust the length of hair needed and secure by tying a seven turn knotless knot. 

6. Adjust the hook length to three inches create a loop by tying a figure of eight overhand knot.

"A great Method Feeder rig for soft hook baits."

7. Place this loop over the Feeder Connector Swivel.

8. Pull down securing sleeve on the swivel and secure.

9. Mount soft hooker pellet by passing the Push Stop and Needle slowly through.

10. Remove needle and secure Push Stop.

11. The finished rig should look like this.

The components you will need.