When every second counts it is important to use a feeder rig that avoids as many tangles as possible. My choice is this simple setup that was shown to me by Will Freeman. It incorporates a short feeder link that holds the feeder away from the hooklength on the cast and the retrieve. 

Everything is designed to be as tangle-proof as possible. Even the Stotz used to protect the knot to the Connector Swivel are more streamlined than normal beads. You can use this rig with most feeders, but I find it especially useful when using Window Feeders, Big Pit Specialist Feeders, and Xenos Match Feeders


Kye Jerrom (Browning Hot Rods)



50lb fluorocarbon

Two crimps to fit 50lb fluorocarbon (1mm diameter)

Large bore 6mm black bead

Feeder Connector Swivel

Quick Change Swivel

Size 6 Stotz

  1. Thread a 6mm large-bore bead onto a 15cm length of 50lb Fluorocarbon.

2. Fold the nylon around the bead and fix it in place with a crimp.

3. Attach a Quick Change Swivel to the other end of the nylon. The finished link should be around 9cm in length.

4. Thread the feeder link onto your main line and then tie on a Feeder Connector Swivel.

5. Attach two small Stotz just above the Feeder Connector Swivel.

6. The finished rig should look like this. Attach your feeder of choice to the quick change link.