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The Hydrus Method Feeders are my favourite when fishing at range or when the swim in front is very silty.

No spillage

The raised sides hold groundbait or pellets firmly in place, with no spillage when casting distances of up to seventy yards with the heaviest 80g version. These feeders also tend to sink slower coming to rest on the bottom and not burying into the silt so you can rest assured that every providing perfect presentation. 

Versatile and accurate

They cast really well also as when filled the wider end becomes heaviest so accuracy is ensured. This wider end also allows a fish to approach the feeder and easily suck in the hookbait and loose feed and being inline you can fish these easily as a running or semi-fixed bolt rig. 

There is a Mould that allows groundbait and pellets to be loaded neatly, however when speed fishing or casting at range I prefer to add a little feed, before adding the hookbait then simply compressing more bait within in the palm of my hand. 

Length 6cm

Width 3cm

Weight 20g/30g/50g/80g

 Colin Sheppard – Browning Team Crowsport

The Hydrus Method Feeder, my choice every time. 

20g – 80g covers a vast range of situations.

The raised sides hold bait firmly in place.

"They cast very accurately, thanks to the weight forward design."

Inline feeders give options between semi-fixed and running set-ups.

My rig for carp on shallow commercials.  

The Hydrus Method Feeder is my choice for commercials and natural venues, thanks to the brilliant design.