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The match circuit for me, especially in spring is all about fishing small commercials full of hungry carp. Target anything else and, well unless you fall on a shoal of hungry bream, will see you fall short come the end of the match. Although the pole scores highly, especially on venues such as snake lakes, if the fish can move further out then the best option is the method feeder and if you get it right then a huge weight can be compiled in a relatively short period of time. 

Create those edges

I love fishing the method, yet creating an edge that will put more fish in your net compared with those around really comes down to fine margins. These margins can only be found and fined tuned by simply practicing on each venue as opposed to just turning up and casting out. These margins maybe as small as a hooklink getting caught on occasions in the veins of a more conventional flat-bed feeder or knowing that bites will come quicker by using a soft hooker pellet as opposed to a hard one, but they all make a difference and can, come the end of the day make a massive difference. 

Quick release on touch-down

One product that has given me a massive edge when fishing shallow lakes for carp are the Hydrus Method Feeders. These feeders have a number of advantages over standard feeders, one being is that they can be loaded easily without the use of a mould and the supporting sides hold the bait firmly in place even when having to fish at distance. These sides replace the veins allowing a quick release of feed soon after touch-down and they tend to sink in a way that see’s them laying on top of silt as opposed to sinking within. The wide gap at the rear, where the hookbait is placed is perfect and almost directs a fish in to it. One slurp and the rest is history. 

The Sphere Bomb +10% is perfect for this type of Method Feeder fishing.

Champion’s Method Formula Fish is perfect for loading onto the Hydrus feeder.

The raised sides of the Hydrus Method Feeder ensure that bait gets to the bottom and doesn’t spread out too much.

"My favourite groundbait is the Champion's Method Formula Fish."

Use strong, quality materials for your rigs, as although they are only simple, they will have to cope with a lot of strain.

Cenex Hybrid Power is a brilliant line for all types of carp fishing, thanks to its brilliant knot strength and abrasion resistance.

My simple Method Feeder set-up works a treat!

Paying attention

Although these feeders create an edge you still have to pay attention to groundbait mixing as get this wrong, and well you’re already on the back foot from the off. My favourite mix is Champion’s Method Formula Fish, a sweet, fishy fine mix that couldn’t be easier to mix up. Simply pass the dry mix through a fine riddle into a bucket, add the stated amount of lake water, 700ml, and mix well for a at least a minute before leaving to stand for ten minutes. After ten minutes all it takes is to once again pass the mix through a fine riddle and its ready to go, the perfect method mix that will catch you loads of fish.

Tools of the trade

When fishing the method, you will be hard pressed to find a better rod for the job than the 10’ Sphere Bomb +10% which I team up with a Sphere MgTi 930 reel loaded with 0.21mm Black Magic Gold mainline. The rig is really straight forward with the inline feeder in most cases free-running on the mainline to keep in with fishery rules. A 12mm Feeder Connector Swivel is then connected to the end of the mainline, again a very small component but one that allows hook lengths to be changed in the blink of an eye. The hook length is made from 0.18mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono which is very abrasion resistance and one that will withstand the beating it will get when constantly catching hard fighting carp. The hook length is around four-inches long, has a loop to connect it to the Connector Swivel and on the business end is a size 14 Sphere Beast barbless hook tied on knotless knot style with a short hair that contains a Push Stop for quick and easy bait mounting. 

When I arrive at the venue, first job is to mix the groundbait, set up, then start fishing with the intension of casting maybe every minute from the off. This is to get some bait in the swim but remember to clip the mainline in the reels line clip so the bait falls in the same position every time. If all goes to plan the fish should arrive quite quickly and once the tip flies round it should be plain sailing from then on.

Go on, give it a go!

Make sure you add some of the fantastic Hydrus Feeders to your list, remember to mix your groundbait up correctly and head of down to your local lake as at this time of year the action can be fantastic.

Colin Sheppard

The Hydrus feeder is perfect for loading on soft pellets and groundbait, as it cradles the feed, without interfering with the hookbait.

Use the line clip on your reel to ensure you hit the same spot every time.

The result of a couple of hours fishing with the Hydrus method Feeder.

Colin’s Tackle

Sphere Bomb +10% Rod

Sphere Mg Ti 930 Reel

Black Magic 0.21mm Mainline

Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono

Beast Size 14 Eyed Barbless Hook 

20g Hydrus Method Feeder

12mm Feeder Connector Swivel

Small Push Stop

Colin’s Bait

8mm Soft Hooker Pellets

Champion’s Method Formula Fish Groundbait

Micro Pellets