Looking to take your Method feeder fishing to the next level? Whether you are fishing short on commercials for F1’s and carp, or need a longer, more powerful rod to catch big carp and bream at distance, the new Argon 2.0 Method feeder rod range is just the ticket. 

Unbelievable! That was the first comment from all the test anglers when they had the opportunity to test these rods, and then found out the prices. Starting at under £65, the Argon 2.0 rods offer incredible performance at a brilliant price. In fact, the slender blank made of 30 tonne carbon is unique at this price.

The blank, which comes in traditional Browning burgundy, is reinforced with a specially woven carbon mat in the lower butt section, because it is in this area that the greatest forces are exerted on the rod during casting. Not only does this improve strength, but casting distance and accuracy too.

The rings have triple-hardened stainless steel inserts with a large inner diameter to give longer casts, especially with the higher diameter nylon lines commonly used for Method fishing. 

The novel handle design of the lower handle makes it really easy to grip the rod, even with wet or groundbait covered hands, helping to improve accuracy and looking fantastic too. The reel seat is a classic Browning ergonomic design that is very comfortable to hold.

The Argon 2.0 feeder rod series bring new levels of performance to your feeder fishing, be sure to check them out. 

The Argon 2.0 Method feeder rods are available in three lengths to suit different venues. Each is supplied with three push-in quivertips of 0.75oz, 1.0oz and 1.5oz. 

3.0m Version – Best for short to medium range Method Feeder and Pellet Feeder fishing for commercial carp and F1’s.

3.3m Version – The all-rounder, a great Method Feeder rod for medium range fishing for carp of all sizes.

3.6m Version – Designed for ranges of up to 80 metres and beyond, this is the perfect choice for long-range bream and carp fishing on large stillwaters where distance and accuracy are key. 

Each rod is supplied with three pushing quiver tips in 0.5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz ratings.

The actions are perfect for playing carp of all sizes.

The butt sections are reinforced with woven carbon for increased casting power.

"You won't believe the price of these fantastic rods"

The sculptured rear grips is a lovely feature that gives improved grip, even with wet hands.

The reel seats are designed for Method feeder sized reels and are very comfortable to hold.

Large, yet lightweight, rings give improved casting distance with nylon mono main lines and are big enough to handle shock leader knots without catching.

Martin Siwon with a big carp tamed using the Argon 2.0 Method Feeder rod.