Rig it Right : Spring Carp Pole Rig

This is a versatile rig for spring fishing when I am mostly expecting to catch small carp, with maggot or corn on the hook. Because the water temperatures are still quite low we can fish a little finer than during the summer, which can make a difference to your catches. 



Cenex Hybrid Power Mono 0.14mm & 0.16mm

0.4 carbon stemmed Rugby ball shaped float

Size 14 or 16 Sphere CPF LS Barbless Hook 

Stotz or shot


Tight lines! 

Hermann Tallonneau

The components you will need to make this rig.

Thread your pole float onto a length of 0.16mm Cenex Hybrid Power line.

Use three lengths of float silicon tube to secure the stem of the float. Make sure the lowest piece extends past the end of the stem to help avoid tangles.

Shot the float with a string of small shot or Stotz spaced 10mm apart.

Use a size 14 or 16 Sphere CPF LS hook with the shot positioned about 20cm above the hook.

Store the finished rigs with a long line, so that they can be cut back to length depending upon the depth of the swim.