Originally Published in English.

When fishing for roach and silvers on the whip a sloppy groundbait that forms a cloud that hangs in the water can really get the fish going, making it the ideal feed when expecting bites on the drop. This is a useful tactic on many stillwaters, canals and also the drains and slow-flowing rivers found in East Anglia and elsewhere. 

By mixing the groundbait very sloppy – almost the consistency of porridge, it can be thrown by hand to around ten metres, but crucially, breaks down immediately, forming a cloud as it sinks right through the water column. 

Here is the mix that I use for this style of fishing. Add a few pinkies or dead maggots to give the fish a small amount of feed. 


Kye Jerrom (Browning Hot Rods)


Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer

Champion’s Feeder Black Roach

Champion’s Choice Canal

  1. Combine one bag each of Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer and Black Roach.

2. The Black Roach helps to darken the mix, which is important in really clear, shallow water, as the dark mix encourages the fish to settle.

3. Make sure the three ingredients are mixed throughly, I tend to mix this groundbait by hand, rather than use a whisk.

4. Start adding the water, keep mixing the groundbait all the time to help stop lumps from forming. 

5. Initially, aim for a porridge-like consistency that holds together in the hand. Leave the mix for a few minutes and add more water as it soaks in the liquid to retain the correct consistency.

6. Add a handful of dead maggots or pinkies to the mix, you don’t need a lot of feed, it is just designed to give the fish some reward and keep them interested. 

7. The finished mix should look like this. You can throw it to about ten metres, but it breaks up as it sinks forming a brilliant cloud that is perfect for roach, rudd and skimmers.

"it crucially breaks down immediately forming a cloud"