Match weights are reaching an all time high, not just due to the amount of fish that can be caught during a match on commercial fisheries but the sheer size of these. The last thing a match angler needs is for a net to give way or simply fall apart after a few uses due to the battering it gets from this type of fishing. 

The new Black Magic Standard Carp Net has been seriously thought through and meets all my expectations of just what a keepnet needs to have, from the three metal bottom rings that will stay upright and won’t collapse on retained fish to the carp mesh that is soft and dark, reducing the amount of light getting through and keeping the fish safe and calm. This 6mm mesh is also impressive as it dramatically reduces the possibility of any fins getting caught within. The mesh dries quickly, reducing smells and disease transfer and the metal top ring comes complete with an angle block but that has a fantastic addition in a retaining cord that eliminates any parts being lost whilst adjusting or transporting.

The designers have also pin pointed a previous major keepnet weakness and have reinforced the bottom rings and there are a couple of pegging points at the base so that it can be securely pegged out stopping it from drifting in when fishing into a head wind. The 3m net I use has nice big 40cm x 50cm rings allowing a fish within a landing net head to be easily transferred. 

Colin Sheppard

The dark 6mm mesh is very fish friendly.  

Pegging out points. 

"seriously thought through and meet all my expectations"

Corners that usually wear first are fully protected. 

Fully adjustable angle block attached to top ring. 

Part of a nine carp catch taken on the Feeder Slow Sinker.