A lot of my fishing is based around commercials be that catching wary carp in the margins, tight to an island or up in the water shallow, so when I heard that Browning had introduced a one piece Skyline Topkit to its range I had to try these out.

The Topkit itself is grey in colour; 182cm’s long and fits the Sphere, Xitan and 2eX-S range of Browning poles. The kits comes with a double wrap of carbon that allows you to install a side puller of your choice or a base puller if that’s your preferred method. 

Coloured band depth markers

The grey colour is said to help camouflage the kit against the sky line which will obviously help when targeting those bigger and often more wary and easily spooked fish. Another very useful feature are the coloured band depth markers that run ever 10cm’s up to the top of the section and 60cm’s up from the base of the kit. These bands help with gauging and setting your depth which minimises peg disturbance if setting up multiple kits on one line, or to help gauge what depth the fish are feeding at if fishing in the upper layers of the water off bottom.

Fantastic Playing action

The playing action of the Skyline kit is fantastic, with both stiffness and strength coming to the fore, the Browning double bush system allows either a 3.9mm or 4.5mm bore, the 3.9mm for lighter F1 elastics or the 4.5mm for heavier elastics for summer margin work.

At 182cm in length the fish pop up nice and close to you allowing quick and efficient netting. The single length kits also fit easily into my Xitan rod holdall and even gives me the option of transporting them with the rigs already attached and ready to go, meaning I can be set up at my peg within minutes. I’ve used these top kits now on numerous sessions through the autumn for bigger fish and into winter for F1’s and I really can’t fault them.

The top kits are fantastic value for money and definitely worth checking out.

Length 182cm

Sections 1

Colour Grey

Wayne Candy – Team Wickford

The Dual Bush system is brilliant for fishing different diameter elastics without the need for cutting back.

There is a reinforced area for fitting a puller kit.

These are the ideal kits for smaller carp and F1’s, where you don’t need a lot of elastic.

"the Browning double bush system allows either a 3.9mm or 4.5mm bore"