I’ve been a fan of Browning rods for a number of years now. Owning and still using some of the original Browning Champion’s Choice rods I know they are extremely high quality and cope with everything that is expected. Not too long ago it was time to start upgrading a few rods with the first being the Sphere Bomb +10% and was immediately impressed with just slim and light it is.

The balance is amazing making casting effortless’

Having had the Browning Sphere Bomb +10% for maybe two years now, I have used it for almost every scenario you could think of and when coupled with a Sphere MgTi 930 the balance is amazing which makes casting effortless. Although named a bomb rod I will often use this with a small pellet feeder or method feeder casting up to 40m with ease. 

I feel the +10% power label can be a bit misleading. The extra power certainly helps with casting out a 30g method feeder loaded with micros but the rod still retains an amazingly soft action while playing fish. I have found I can use this rod with big strong hooks and 0.20mm hook lengths for carp, right down to small hooks to 0.10mm line catching skimmers and it never feels like the rod isn’t up to the job.

I can honestly say this rod will do everything and does!

Length 10’

Sections 2

C.W. 25g/3-6lb

Tips 4 (0.5oz, 0.75oz, 1oz and 1.5oz)

Weight 133g

Dean Tennant – Browning Wickford

The Fuji reel seat is very secure and comfortable to hold.

The rod is supplied with a choice of four glass tips all with this brilliant colour combination.

Casting, even with a loaded 30gram Method feeder, is effortless and incredibly accurate.

"it never feels like the rod isn’t up to the job"

The SiC rings are very light and durable.

You can play carp hard with this rod with no risk of hook pulls.

A lovely catch on the Sphere Bomb +10%.