Originally Published in English

These pole cups have proven to be really valuable in my fishing, and have some neat features that I have really come to appreciate. 

The set consists of two cups, the smaller has a capacity of 175ml, whilst the larger one has a volume of 250ml. These sizes are ideal for feeding balls of groundbait, or big helpings of corn, dead maggots and pellets. Now, a ball of groundbait is quite heavy, so the cups fixings need to be up to the job of shipping out these loads. The reinforced design and strong screw thread are very well designed and have not let me down. The screw thread means that I can change between the two sizes of pot quickly and easily. 

The shape of the pots makes them ideal for feeding balls of groundbait. I find that the balls stay in the cup well, even when shipping out to 16 metres, but a quick tap on the pole butt will release the bait every time. 

A useful feature are the volume markings on the sides of the pots. This means that I can accurately gauge how much I am feeding. I find myself using these markings to measure out groundbait additives accurately too, a nice bonus feature. 

For situations where I need a larger pole cup I have found these to be just right for the job, with the two sizes in the set giving me the option to feed just the right amount of bait every time.

Dean Jacques (Browning Ossett) 

These cups are just the right size for potting in groundbait balls.

The volume markers handily enable me to consistently feed the same amount of bait.